rain in florence

Thursday, May 5, 2011

it rained nearly every day when nicole and i were in florence, but it kind of added to the whole feel of this beautifully old city. this picture of the bicycle is one of my favourite's - and how cool is the man's umbrella?!


Melinda said...

I agree- your bike picture is one of my favourites :)

Chantelle said...

Beautiful - are you re-visiting.
Love the bike pic - it is really good - now I would really love a chipboard bike for my scrapbooking (sorry - just thinking aloud) Have a great weekend - ..... and Busso is calling you too xx
PS: Thanks so much for the very cute package - I will email you!!

Anonymous said...

the bottom 3 chinese words on the floor translates to crazy

aimee said...

@anon - thanks so much! i was wondering what it meant :)