Sunday, January 2, 2011

this is florence. ta da! we spent quite a bit of time here, walking around town and drinking the best cappuccinos in the world. we took a day trip to the tuscan country side where the rain fell heavily on our heads and a mist covered the city.

on christmas day we climbed up to michelangelo's plazza and met peter, a man who has been living in firenze 'all his life' and could not be any prouder of italy, the home of gelato and dante! he couldn't quite believe it when nicole told him (in italian!) that her nephew had the same name :)

Europe 1 055

Europe 1 045

Europe 1 046

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Europe 1 054


Melinda said...

Yes! I'm first. Love Tim

Melinda said...

I love your pictures of the old men! Looks like a enchanting place. We're all still humming around in Busselton, missing your lovely faces. Hope you had an exciting new year's eve- sounds like you did. Love to you both xo

katie lauren said...

interesting photos! i like :) happy new year to you both :) miss you x

Charlene said...

haha mel loves old men :)

Chris said...

Don't worry, Mel. I love [Aimee's pictures of] old men, too! Your photo of the old man really captures his personality and that's rad.