Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the colosseum in rome is a grand and historical piece of architecture. it is hard to believe that we were standing in a buiding dating back to AD80. for nicole and i, the colosseum was an opportunity to reflect on the persecution of christians in rome and see first hand the place where many christians were killed for their faith.

whilst the building was awesome to walk around in, it was saddening to see that there was barely no information about the historical significance of the colosseum as it relates to christianity. in fact, one of the only plaques that did mention it said that there was no 'evidence' to suggest that christians were ever martyed in the colosseum. the purpose of the colosseum as a portrayal of roman strength and power has not been diminished in the twenty first century and seems to be at odds with rome's huge emphasis on churches, christians and catholicism.

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macey said...

hi aimee, the pics look very peaceful and love the description of it all. at last i can contact u again. happy travels. xx

Diane said...

Dear Aimee and Nicole, Half way there, wow. Hope you have a wonderful new year 2011.Love the pics,Mwah