Monday, May 2, 2011

when nicole and i were in prague, we visited a toy museum that was inside the castle. there happened to be a barbie exhibition inside, and hurrah, photos were allowed :) I had a ball taking pictures of all the dolls in all their weird and wonderful outfits. i think my favourite is the one nicole and i dubbed 'extreme ken'!


Arlene said...

we have an old lady who comes to our church who claims she has over 200 barbies. Maybe I should encourage her to start a museum right here in freo. If she likes you she'll even name one after you :)

Chris said...

A Ken (is that one Ken?) with a beard and a gun? Now THAT is awesome.

Mandy said...

extreme ken needs a shave.
i love beach(?) ken's jacket.
does it come in my size ;)

Nicole said...

I loved to see how the styles of barbies have changed over the years - not only the style of clothes, but also the figure and facial features. Super interesting, wasn't it? And good for laughs :) Sweet photos Aimee. My favourite is the bouquet of flowers with the note.