paris mon amie

Thursday, December 9, 2010

paris (pah-ree), city of lights and lovers. of tree lined boulevards and grandeur. we hiked the eiffel tower and walked des champs elysees (a famous shopping strip- hello cartier) before pushing through the crowds in one of the best christmas markets we've ever seen to date - we've been to 4 so far! we said hello to the mona lisa, along with a thousand others (which was probably more of a spectacle than the mona lisa herself!), and tread lightly through the sacred notre dame - although, the clink of money into vending machines made us wonder if it was more of a business than a church :) we finished off our parisian adventure with an obscenely large macaron, and now we are headed for nice!

paris is a grand city, excessive yet charming. everything sounds so much more beautiful in french, and we both delight in the simple token of saying 'bonjour' and 'merci' whenever we can :)

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Melinda said...

Exquisite pictures and great word wizardry, Aimee! Looks lovely- so much darker than when I was there! I love your coats by the way! Makes me almost wish we had a cold winter here... though I'm sure the novelty would wear off quickly. Enjoy Nice- it is a captivating place. Great places to eat, a SANDY beach... enjoy xoxo

Chris said...

A mini-Eiffel Tower. How cute! I agree with Mel, you both have very cool coats. And how many people were flocked around Mona Lisa? Crazy! Also, I've heard that Nice is a very nice place. (See what I did there?)

Enjoy the travelling! I'll be off to New Zealand this coming Saturday, enjoying a little trip of my own.

macey said...

What a fascinating place.. so chic..
and you girls look the part!
brought a little tear to my eye seeing you in Paris!
The pics are lovely Aimee and very descriptive as usual.

Carolyn said...

The girls in Paris....magnifique non? I just love your photos Aimee. You both looked so rugged up in the cold..cute & cuddly :) Oiu miss you both, happy travels. xxxx

Diane said...

Bonjour belles dames. Madelaine in Paris? Great stories and great photos, keep them coming. Love yous

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am still alive. Glad to see your all snug, enjoy yourself and have a great time. Looks like you have already got a good look at the eyefull tower! (See what I did there?). Keep on pinching yourself even though it’s to cold to feel it. You are not dreaming, if you were I would be there.
Cyas have fun
miss ya

katie lauren said...

I'm agreeing with macey - there is just something about seeing you girls at the eiffel tower that makes me all warm and goey inside. Great photos. Aimee you are a dag - you almost looked french there if it weren't for the adidas xx love yous

Chloë said...

héhé your are actually in Paris! Hope the snow is not too important beacause it's so cold in France nowadays ....
Enjoy your trip in Paris, there are just lots of amazing place to visit !

Chantelle said...

You both look so snug and warm - pics look fabulous - oh to be able to visit there oneday - my dream - you gals are sooooooooo lucky ENJOY IT!! mwah xx

Diane said...

Hi girls, I want to hear everything!

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous photos! Are you trying to make us all jealous? Enjoy and take care, Renae x