Saturday, December 4, 2010

oh amsterdam! city of many bikes, canals, lovely tall buildings (some even leaning to the left or right) and soft snow :) an overload of photographs because i have seen so many beautiful things in the past four days. we have strolled along the canals, the arches framed by little fairy lights at night, shopped the '9 straatjes' for vintage wares, stood in awe at the etchings in the rembrandt house (that is where the books are from) and even met some of our friends from home :)

what has made holland so exciting is the fact that there are little things everywhere that we both recognise from home, whether that be olliebolein (spelling?!), croquette's (in the wall like a vending machine..of all things!) dropjes and so much more. it has been so nice to be able to visit holland and feel just a little bit at home amongst all that is dutch :)

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Chantelle said...

Ooooh, looks so beautiful Aimee - it's a small world sometimes with all the similarities - hope you had your fill of the dutch goodies.... and vintage shopping - can't wait to hear. You both look fabulous and happy all rugged up - nice to see. Happy travelling xx

Edward said...

It was a saweet day I had with you girls. Super fun considering we didn't know each other. Superb photos Aimee, look forward to seeing you again. Keep in touch both of you! And just so you know, I woke up this morning with 20cm fresh snow, pure white. Stunning. Catch you round:)

katie lauren said...

awesome! we keep seeing the weather in europe on tv and there is just snow everywhere! so amazing that you could be there! i love the last pic the best (bike) :)

Diane said...

Did you meet Tante Mein? Photo's are fabulous. Enjoy the dutch gebakkjes. Love, hugs and keep warm.

macey said...

How beautiful Aimee! All the lovely old buidings( must show Oma)
You have taken great shots again. You both look happy and chilled out!!
The shops sound like i need to see them!

rug up and have fun!

Erica said...

There is definitely something special about Holland...
and how awesome that you can experience snow while you're there!
enjoy the rest of your travels

Chris said...

Man, Nicole, you are so beautiful. I would expect two friends backpacking around Europe to be unwashed, bedraggled messes, but you both look great.

Some really cool pictures here, Aimee! However, in your first sentence, you left prostitutes and marijuana off your list. And I just consulted Google, which said that it can be spelled "olliebollen", "ollie-bollen" or "ollie bollen".

Have fun, stay safe and keep us updated!

Melinda said...

Haha too true Chris- there's certainly a seedier side! You've captured the quaintness of it Aimee, gorgeous. How exciting to see it in snow! I thought the place felt homely too- I hope you ladies aren't getting homesick though- so many more wonders to take in! How exciting! Miss you xo

elise.kate.design said...

looks so cold! but so fun :) hope your having an awesome time aimee. makes me want to go travelling. x

and flowers pick themselves said...

so gorgeous! i love the braid :)

xo Alison