bonny scotland

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the city of edinburgh is one of the most beautiful i have ever seen. there are old buildings everywhere, thousands of years of architecture and history and stories that span generations. we got to scotland with the sun shining in our faces, and left with snow falling on our backs. a magical couple of days.

ps. i wish i had the time and resources to post so many more pictures, but for now here is a little sample.









Chantelle said...

Looks lovely Aimee - so pretty - glad the sun came out for you. take care xx

Chris said...

Beautiful! Scotland looks awesome. Looks like you girls had some pretty cold weather. I really like that landscape shot, Aimee.

Keep the updates coming; they're great!

macey said...

great shots Aimee.
makes me wish I was there, love the old buildings, must have so much history.
The "bonny wee lass" nicely rugged up!

Loved talking to you last night. good to hear your happy voice.
Enjoy Amsterdam!
Love Mum x

Arlene said...

your one of those girls that still manages to look super stylish and cute even tho its FREEEZING out. jealous.
Love the pics, have fun in Amsterdam.

Mandy said...

oh wow.
scotland looks stunning.
bet your dreaming of a white christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, enjoy Holland and the snow,gezellig ya! Love Diane

Diane said...

I love your mittens Nicole

Melinda said...

Stylish as always, Nicole. Gorgeous pictures- magical.