cote d'azur

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

if you take out your world map, find france, then cast your eyes south to the coast, you will find a little place called nice. on the french riviera, and part of the cote d'azur, (sounds so fancy!) nice boasts brilliant blue medditeranian waters with a yellow sun to match. we spent five days with the sun on our faces, eating lunch in multi-million dollar harbours (just sandwiches we'd made ourselves mind you), going for walks along beach boulevards lined with palm trees and reading our books with views of the french coastline.

a day trip to monte carlo saw us trying not to get run over by ferraris and walking through immaculately well kept parks (it was illegal to walk on the grass). as we travelled from paris to nice, winding our way through the french countryside it was wonderful to be able to experience the diversity of landscape, architecture and people within france. au revoir, and onto the barcelona!

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Diane said...

Hi beautiful girls, you both suit fancy places :) lots of love

Chantelle said...

awww, how nice.... sandwiches in a fancy place - very cute. So glad you got some sun - must have been lovely after the snow. You look great and happy - keep on enjoying and sharing your beautiful memories and pictures.

Chris said...

What a beautiful place! That picture of the ocean is beautiful. It's just asking for a swim.

Nice new shoes, Nicole. I like. As usual, looks like you're having a great time (but hey, you HAVE to smile for photos, right? It's expected!). Take care, God bless and keep the updates coming!

And Aimee, I hate to do this publicly to an English teacher (actually, I love it), but it's spelled "Mediterranean". You're wholeheartedly welcome!

aimee said...

Thanks chris, from one English teacher to another! I hate to do this publicly, but the shoes are actually mine :) thanks for your comments, I'll do my best to keep blogging!

macey said...

hi from ceduna aimee. your pics are a great change to the boring ol nullabor. the sun looks like it put on a show for you. enjoy your boat or ship trip and we will keep heading off to tassie in our car!
love lots. xx

katie lauren said...

hooray - some sun! must have been so nice to have it warming your backs :) great 'mediterranean' photos !