where the sun shines

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i spent twelve days in lovely port gregory for the summer holidays, where the sun shines, the wind blows and stories are told. here are a few snaps from the holga - nothing spectacular, just little holiday memories :)

stray gull
standing on the edge of the world
what a lovely bunch
our shadow lasts forever
cast my line and wait for the tide
little old house
drive in man

yoi and moi
what limbs??!


Nicole said...

Hello girly!
What lovely photos you have taken. I have a proposal: not this summer but the next, you should invite me to pg with you :) I love the one of the simple cottage with the shadows across it. A wonderful capture.
All my love, Nicole.

Mandy said...

i love these!!!!!
you've captured the feel of the place so well.
very 50's feel.
love your stuff girly.
we MUST catch up soon.