Thursday, January 14, 2010

with less than two weeks to go before the bump becomes a baby, i decided i better post some pictures of my sister and her husband! on the way back from the raspberry farm, we stopped by a little old church. it was surrounded by tall grass (which i tripped over, no less) and was a rather quaint setting for a pre-baby shoot.

the mountain that you can see in the distance in a few of the shots is the place where ben proposed to katie. isn't that sweet?



no entry2

katie and ben

flowers bump


katie and ben retro2

in front of the mountain


christine said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! they are the most gorgeous little family aren't they.

Um, not sure bout the sock tan though little bro ;)

amymom24 said...

GORGEOUS, as usual Aimee. You are so creative. I'm a huge fan:)

katie lauren said...

"wow aimee" is all i can say. thanks for taking these amazing pictures for us - its so great to be able to have the memories of this special time before the baby is born in photos! we are very lucky to have our own personal photographer :)

Kara said...

these are beautiful aimee! Well done. Love number 4, 5, and 6. Lovely! Your sis is beautiful. Glad to see that you are taking lots of photos!

Melinda said...

Wow Aimee- amazing work. Your sister is very lucky to have you to capture this special time!