room of requirement

Friday, August 7, 2009

last week katie and ben came for a lovely visit. staying for a couple weeks, they sort of set up camp in the yellow room. katie bought a few vintage vases, put some yellow flowers in them and bought some pretty fabric..combined with my suitcase and a bit of film love, it all made quite a nice combination. i think perhaps the vases were too heavy to take home, because they're still floating around - it's a nice piece of memory to have.


ps. only a couple more days left to get your entries into my competition!


Chantelle said...

So pretty, bet you miss them!

Nicole said...

I love the colour scheme in these photos: yellow and blue and brown.

katie lauren said...

hello aimee - miss you! love the aptly titled blog post. couldn't have thought of a better title myself. hope you are coping on day one without m+d xx