jump for joy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

this is my one hundred and first post! 101 - wow! thank you to all those who pop their head around here every once in a while and leave a friendly comment! i appreciate every single one of my visitors, and have had lots of kind words :)

jump for joy

in order to celebrate the occasion, i decided it might be nice to give something away (a pretty picture, perhaps)...however, first you must take a picture of your own jump for joy! into a swimming pool, off a cliff, advertising for toyota...the possibilities are endless. the most ingenious and creative entry (as chosen by someone other than myself to avoid bias, of course) will recieve a little gift! the winner will be chosen in 2 weeks time! so get snapping!

you can either upload a photo onto your own blog and put the link in the comment section, or email me your picture at the email address on the side there.

have fun :)

ps. the puppy is bailey - she is the new addition to our family!
pps. thanks for taking the picture mandy :)


MandyB said...

Great Idea!
Might have to buy a decent camera just so I can enter something worthwhile.
Love how that photo has worked out!

HH said...

Great picture Aimee! I was thinking if I could possibly do a 'jump for joy' picture. Hmmm...probably break a leg...lol.
Think I might pass on that one. But I enjoy looking at all your wonderful photography, so keep up the great work!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I love this picture! I'll see what I can come up with on my own :)

Nicole (The Really Nice Girl) said...


Haha we had a lot of fun trying ;) Creative? Not so much. Fun? yes!

Chantelle said...

Here is my picture Aimee: