august arrives

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i haven't posted in a while! it's now august - only one month before spring decides to pop its head around the corner. i'm currently on prac at a highschool, so my daily hours are spent planning and teaching the kiddies! however, i did find time recently to shoot off the rest of a negected roll of film and get it processed. i like some in this set very much :) i hope you enjoy them as well - i'll post a few more, hopefully before the week is out!


my name is aimee and this is my heart

the last of winter's roses

reach up

ps. how are your jumping photos going? one week to go till the competition closes!


Chantelle said...

They are all stunning. Love the rose!

amymom24 said...

GORGEOUS! Love the two rose ones the best.

katie lauren said...

pretty pretty pretty. just so pretty xx

Nicole said...

Haha at 'my name is Aimee and this is my heart'. Pretty photos, as per usual! I love the last one, the red rose on the floral material :)
Love Nicole