we had the best time at your party

Thursday, May 21, 2009

more wedding fun! every picture tells a little story :) enjoy!


aww, pretty party people! alliteration at its best!
party people1

this is what happens when you get distracted and forget to put up the birdy! and then the subject gets distracted and decides to pay more attention to her fork than the camera!
missing the birdy

bit of sisterly love going on here, on both sides of the photo!
bit of sister love

just having a little jive - i love the expression on alyssa's face! and eric giving the precise history of the spectacular art on his tie (some french painting i think, can anyone guess?)
just dancing again

the arms went up, the arms went round and the arms fell down...never good for the bride to fall over! luckily they were both laughing!

this is the end of someone saying something funny! i love it!
_DSC0183 [1600x1200]
and this is the end of the photos - hope you liked them!


Chantelle said...

Just lovely Aimee. Love the one of you and Katie.
You've captured the mood of the wedding perfectly. Was a fun night.

jen said...

Those photos are awesome. Nice memories:)

Chris said...

Here's a little story: there was once a boy who frequently visited his friend's blog. The boy was a keen supporter of her blog and often commented on the brilliance of her photos. To show her appreciation for his feedback and constructive criticism, she decided to post a picture of him on her blog. Oh no, that's not how the story goes!

katie lauren said...

Nice photos Aimee. I agree with sister Chantelle, you have captured the mood of the night, naturally.
I love your comment Chris. You must be very jealous :) Time to do some more sucking up to Aimee.