blossom place

Thursday, April 23, 2009

my room is in in a constant state of change. sometimes the walls are white, sometimes they're not. sometimes there are yellow blossoms, othertimes white, othertimes pink. once the whole wall was covered with posters, then i grew tired of them and assembled (note: i did actually purchase the bookshelf and spend half the day putting it together) a bookshelf instead. change is one thing i don't mind!

ps. mum pruned the roses and i asked her to keep me some blossoms - she picked these out for me..i think they all look rather pretty together. i put them on top of my bookshelf and they made a decidedly good match with the photo frame my sister katie gave to me..bravo :)

blossom place


Chantelle said...

Soooo pretty.

katie lauren said...

nice flowers aimee. I like the comment you made about the bookshelf that you "assembled" heehee - i would like to (facetiously)draw your attention to the fact that it was more taken from your sisters old room and slightly modified rather than assembled as such. heheee...Nice try tho :)