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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

these are some people that i found one day, you know, just loitering around. they looked like they were having a party so i asked if i could join them...they agreed, so long as i promised to portray them in a good light. so, i whipped out my trusty camera and the atmosphere was showered with a kelidascope of red blue and yellow! only the best lights possible of course :)

ps. if this looks like YOU, please make yourself known by commenting below. i'd love a few more party contacts... thanking you :)


Chris said...

I'm one of the party people! Nice pictures there Aimee. Everyone looks as happy as Larry. How happy is Larry? I'm not even sure who Larry is. Whoever he is, these pictures are still cool. When you were taking the back-to-back one of Nicole and myself I thought Nicole did that pose to show how tall I was compared to how short she is. Haha oops! Keep up the ace work.

NICOLE said...

Haha they're funny :) Aimee, you art blessed with the skill of photograph manufacturing! I'm still laughing! I'm not sure if you caught my name at the party: Nicole. "We had a good time at your party, ...liked it very much" (Quote unquote Ween). See you around the twist ;)