the mighty nikon

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i bought a new camera!! ah the joys :) its a nikon! i'm so stoked .... :) here are some sample pictures that i snapped today...i got a bit excited :) hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more as i get used to it!


Katie said...

Hey aimee - i give you permission to rave about your camera now - its awesome!!! Happy days!!

Chris said...

New camera = nice! Looks like it takes pretty crisp pictures. If you ever need a good-looking model to practice on, I'm willing to offer myself. Since we're friends I'll waiver the fee. I know, I'm a nice guy!

Chantelle said...

Ooooh lucky you. Can't wait to see it. Keep practicing so you can take some cute pics of us. Love the close up shots.
P.S. Would love to see a shot of mum not working!!!