the everlasting ilford

Monday, July 28, 2008

yet another post! this time it's the long awaited black and white. i love using black and white film! i had about 30 photos, but i've only included ten here, else the screen gets a bit full - it was so hard to choose! hope you like them. my mum, amber and renae :)
brooke and amber at soccer - they were having lots of fun running around and playing with each other :)
i love this photo, one of my favourites. brooke is the one on the swing!
me and my sister - spot the difference!
craig and amber :)

another stormy day at the beach. i love beach photos, but especially done in black and white
neesha, emma and carmen
mum and i :)
another soccer shot, taken with the sun setting over a hill and the sillohette of "someone" relaxing in a deck chair (sorry tim, this is probably why i never see you shoot goals)
brodie! what a poser!


Chantelle said...

Awesome pics Aimee. That one of Amber & Brooke is very cute - they look so happy. Love the swing one. I may need to 'pinch' a few. Am doing a random scrapbook with random pics - so always looking for different stuff!!
You should do a watermark on your stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, great photos! Glad the one of Brook on the swing turned out as your were hoping. Keep up the cool work. Renae x