Monday, March 12, 2012

my dearest friend nicole was married on the twenty fifth of february at fairbridge. she made the most beautiful bride in a ethereal gown of lace and floaty material.

it was so lovely (and emotional!) to see my best friend married. just before the reception, we went for a little wander into the bush and i took these on film. (i think my camera might be wearing out because some of the film is marked in strange colours, but nevertheless..)

here is a little of the speech i gave at the reception:

“Where ever Nicole is, there’s like this little light that shines around her. She is generous, kind hearted, is always there to listen and her love and dedication for the Lord shows in everything she does. I feel so blessed to have you in my life, and I hope that our travels together can continue, husbands in toe.”






Natalie said...


macey said...

beautiful Aimee, she looks stunning and so natural in the surrounds. good job!

Charlene said...

it's not hard to make my little sister look pretty but these pics are beautiful aimee!

Chris said...

That's my wifey! The most beautiful woman on the face of Earth.

Kara said...

Beautiful captures on film Aimee. Great to see you posting more frequently. :) It sounds like you have a lovely friend and she has the same in you. :)