art and the heart

Thursday, March 15, 2012

at the beginning of january i spent 3 days in melbourne at a photography workshop called ‘art and the heart’.  it was run by the lovely samm blake (for whom i second shoot) and an awesome guy called dan o day and was held at the dear patti smith gallery in fitzroy.

it was a wonderful three days.  i met a whole lot of awesome and super talented people and we shared stories over coffee and yummy lunches and drinks on the patti smith balcony. 

i learnt so, so much, and samm and dan were awfully generous in sharing what they know and have learnt. 

art and the heart was a stepping stone towards becoming the photographer i’d like to be.  i’m not a full time photographer, but i hope one day i will be, and i’m excited about what that might mean.

here are some of the things i learnt at art and the heart:

* spend time doing personal projects. shooting personal work will help you find your creative voice in your actual work.

* you can’t be creative if you don’t exercise your creativity

* set a goal and keep it

* look at alternative inspiration like childhood books, films and galleries

* malcolm gladwell “it takes 10 000 hours to become what you want to be”

i think one of the biggest things i learnt from the workshop is that it takes hard work to get where you want to be.  everyone i met, and samm and dan in particular, have worked extremely hard, always persist in achieving their goals and continue to set new challenges for themselves.

thanks so much for an awesome three days, everyone, i’ll never forget it.




















Tali said...

Thanks for the memories in these wonderful images!

john benavente said...

these frames are so cute!

Sheridan said...

What an amazing experience that would've been :)great images!

Dan O'Day said...

I love this Aimee! Beautiful images also :) Thanks for sharing xx

Debs Ivelja said...

LOVE love love this Aimee, you shoot with your soul and every frame is stunning. xx

samm blake said...

love seeing the workshop through your words and eyes. love the images :) thank you so much for coming, it was great having you part of it all :) xoxo