san gimignano

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

san g is a little medevial town that nicole and i visited while in tuscany, italy. this place has been around since 332, and it used to consist of thirteen towers (some of them got bashed down in wars and things) that were made to see who could build the tallest tower.

san g is the type of place that you will find flower boxes out of every window, washing hanging out of impossibly high windows, little doors leading to secret pathways and amazing views of the tuscan country side.

it rained the day that we visited (the whole day! cue fashionable raincoats!) and a strange mist descended upon the whole city, making the whole thing pretty spectacular.



Mandy said...

that is so beautiful.
especially the hills in the mist.

Elissa said...

gorgeous Aimee, you've done so well with these! and made me want to go to Italy even more :) :)

Erica said...

Looks like an amazing place! Love the 3rd shot

Melinda said...

What gorgeous colours! I love the one of the washing and the town in the mist... fantastic! xo

Nicole said...

Oh brings back so many memories! Rain, gigglefit, torture den, rain, patriotic Italian men, rain, pongobello, etc. Haha.

My fav of this lot is the one of the cat. Spooky, evil cat it was.

Looks great, Aimee!

Love Nicole

katie lauren said...

amazing photo work! so unlike home, and so beautiful, even with the rain. or i should say, especially with the rain.