Friday, August 6, 2010

Caden really is the most loveable child.  with his big blue eyes and cheeky smile, he makes his little adventures in the innocent land of trucks, slides, the cat, a ball and a wander down the garden path.

ps. he does have a bruise on his cheek!  a little accident with the couch :)

pps. i’ve scheduled a few posts from down south for the coming week – enjoy! 


caden bruised cheapcaden on slideDSC_0135DSC_0136     DSC_0152DSC_0160    DSC_0158copy


Chantelle said...

Very cute pictures Aimee - just love those ones near the shed - it's so him. Enjoy your weekend xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots of Caden....he suits red! :)

katie lauren said...


(i will be posting some pics of caden soon - pls don't thinking i'm COPYING was all planned (yeah yeah))