diana mini!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

say hello to the diana mini! i recieved this little thing from charlie , a fellow photographer! diana is so small, she fits into the palm of my hand, can be worn as a neck peice and can only be handled with little fingers! despite a few technical issues (everything is so small and hard to get to), i had lots of fun taking pictures and i think she'll remain a part of my growing film camera family. the best part? square pictures!! my favourite is the one of the seashore and footprints in the sand.

diana mini


amymom24 said...

That is so neat! Can you post a picture of the camera sometime? I'm intrigued!

Anonymous said...

love the shot of the cow. adorable!

xo Alison

greybreaks said...

great photos. love the sunrise, and the overall blue theme.

Anonymous said...

ooh, you got it working - awesome!!! pictures are fabulous too, perfectly done. I think the square ones are wicked, I wasn't that taken with the 1/2 frame on the roll I shot.