Thursday, April 8, 2010

last weekend amber turned seven. to celebrate, we went to the beach, one of amber's favourite places :) it was a really lovely afternoon! here are a few pictures that i photographed of the birthday girl - isn't she lovely?




amber in the sun small

amber walking


alyssa b said...

hi aimee ... hope you don't mind me popping by to say hi ... had to tell you these photos are awesome ... i love your photography :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Aimee, thanks for the lovely post of Amber! My favourite would have to be the first one and also the one of her walking towards the water. It sure was a great afternoon :)

amymom24 said...


honey trees said...

great shots! the colours and tones are just beautiful, and so is Amber! x

HH said...

Great post Aimee. She is a beautiful girl and I love how you've captured that smile of her's. We are blessed to have her in our lives :)

katie lauren said...

these are really beautiful photos of amber :) looks like it was a nice day of birthday-ness xx