reach up to the sky

Monday, January 11, 2010

happy new year! i've had a relaxing break and i am back for a new year :)

did you make any new year resolutions? in a bid to save my pennies for my european adventures, i've decided to go a whole year without buying new clothes - emphasis on the new - op shop finds are acceptable!

this picture is from my tasmanian adventures, and i think it is my favourite. a good way to start the new year :)

reach up to the sky


Chantelle said...

Happy new year - hope it's a blessed one. That's a big resolution - good luck and I'm sure you will do fine - your op shop finds are always pretty snazzy. Hope to see you soon xx

katie lauren said...

its a beautiful tree! where is it? xx
happy new year to you too - can't believe i'm going to see you again in a few weeks!!

aimee said...

katie - this tree is at the place where i bought the nice lace scarf (can't wait till autumn!) and we ate a sausage roll and took pictures of birdies...evandale?

katie lauren said...

oh yeah i remember now it was ross. cute place. i have seen that scarf around in different places (even in bicheno near coles bay). its lovely!