eva + harper

Saturday, December 26, 2009

eva and harper are two of katie and ben's *little* next door neighbors. aren't they cute?
i'll be holidaying until the new year, so as far as blogging goes this is it for 2009. thank you to everyone who takes a little time to have a look and leave a comment - i am very appreciative of any feedback. your support makes it all worthwhile! (okay, sounding a bit bloggy now lol).
enjoy the holiday season, and may God bless you. I will see you in 2010!


harper is free


christine said...

cuties! Love your stuff aimee x

katie lauren said...

pretty shots :) captures harper's free spirit!
looking forward to more blogginess in 2010 :) happy holidays

Chantelle said...

Thanks for continually 'wowing' us with your beautiful pictures. Looking forward to seeing lots more in the new year. Enjoy the holiday and take care sis xxxxxx