is it a....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

boy or a girl?

only a matter of days and we will find out. i'm sitting with the lady in question in a lovely town called launceston at this very moment!

i can't wait till the little one arrives! in the mean time, let me know what you think it will be :) i've got a little inkling that it is a boy :)

katie boykatie girl


Mandy said...

doesn't she look adorable and so so so well!
my bets are on a boy.
then I have another nephew to even out the numbers.
can't believe you're in tassie again!!!!
so jealous right now.

Chantelle said...

You look fab Katie. Great pics Aimee. I'm going against all and saying it's a GIRL. Maybe that's because I hope it will be and maybe that's because I don't have any girls. HEHE - just some waffle from me.
Have fun and hugs to all xx (oh and I'm jealous too)