pastel shades

Friday, December 18, 2009

while in tasmania, ria, christine and elise put on a baby shower for katie. elise made her yummy cupcakes, and christine made a lovely display of glass bottles filled with queen anne's lace and sweet peas, complete with a cute teapot. i was told afterwards that christine's teapot collection is often raided for special occasions :)

i love how everything was styled on the table - it reminded me of the many magazines and blogs i've often perused and thought, "i wish i could do that". you girlies made everything look so lovely!

ps. how cute are the little jelly bean feet on the cupcakes!


cupcake feet


anne's lace

so we stand


Danielle said...

aw those cupcakes are so adorable and sweet!

christine said...

thanks aimee - but you know your photography really makes what is just a bunch-of-pretty-stuff-on-a-table really beautiful!
and elise's cupcakes are just so cute aren't they!

Mandy said...

wow i have clever sisters.
looks charming!!!!!

katie lauren said...

love love love these photos!
you make everything look fantastic!