tall tales of flowers true

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

there were pretty flowers in my garden
but it wouldn't seem quite right
if i took them out that garden
where they couldn't see the light

but i did it all the same
took them with my own hands
now they're sitting by my beside
you couldn't say i didn't care


they looked pretty for weeks
heard my sweet song every day
i don't know if thats the reason
why they seemed to fade away

now they sit there withering
in the fading light
don't look at me that way
i gave them a chance of life


i didn't realise
that i'd disconnected
some vital organs, i should have just bought them
then i wouldn't feel so bad

up the wall


The Girl said...

WOW! I love your photography. You're VERY talented.

Chantelle said...

Simply AMAZING. You are AMAZING. Your talent is AMAZING.