Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i love that my camera has video on it! i've done quite a bit of filming from when i went to busselton and when chantelle and family came to visit - most of the videos were of caden, so i decided to put them all together :)

hope you enjoy it :)


Chantelle said...

I had the biggest smile and a little tear. That was just beautiful Aimee. I'm lucky to have a sister like you who is so clever and talented and who loves to share what she loves. Thank you and love you heaps. x

Anonymous said...

Well done Aimee, just gorgeous!

jen said...

Aimee, that was fantastic, what a great idea(when you know how) to put all those videos together. Great job of someone who's such a cutey pops! I can imagaine what a proud Aunty you are of your little rellies, they are so cute as is Dillan:)