film + food

Monday, April 6, 2009

yes, i'm just trying to make you hungry :) i don't know what it is, but i love taking pictures of food. over the last week or so i've made pear and berry crumble, dabbled in some cake decorating and shared turkish apple tea with my lovely friend nicole (i love how the napkin matches the painted wall)

i hope you like these - they were shot with the old '86 olympus slr and a trusty roll of kodak gold.

what do you like to bake?

pear and berry crumble banana passion pavlova

turkish apple

this is nicole!


Anonymous said...

Yumo, love the sound and look of that pear & berry crumble, Tim has lots of yummy cooking to look forward to, hehe x

joyce said...

Hi Aimee
I actually made some cupcakes today, I haven't baked any sort of cakes for a long time as my oven is not so good, maybe I should take a pic of them before they all get eaten.
x Joyce

Chris said...

Wow! Who is that beautiful women sipping on that cap of tea? Oh me, oh my.