aimeeclaire meets dear musketeer

Thursday, July 12, 2012

a little while ago now my lovely and talented graphic designer friend mandy created some business cards for me.  i decided that, in keeping with what people have called the ‘whimsical’ nature of my photographs, i would like to incorporate a feather in the design. you’ve probably seen the branding in my blog header.  i love the simplicity of the design and i think it fits perfectly.  thank you mandy!

business cards-1business cards-2business cards-3


Chantelle said...

perfectly you Aimee - love them. (nice work Mandy)
You know, there is a new paper collection coming out soon - it has feathers - I will have to show you :)

Mandy said...

thanks for the stunning photos and your sweet words. still one of my favourite designs. xxx