Sunday, January 9, 2011

say hello to germany! we spent a couple days in munich, walking around town, strolling (or slipping) through parks and welcoming in the new year with a firework or two...million.

Europe 1 061

Europe 1 062

Europe 1 063

Europe 1 064


Diane said...

Dear Aimee and Nicole, I just love the photos, absolutely fabulous.Lovely snow, while it is so hot here:) love diane

Chantelle said...

Cannot imagine such cold weather - looks lovely but COLD. Love that you managed to still pick out the green between the snow - great pics. xx

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Aimee and Nicole! You's sure are having a great start to the new year, your photos and what you are seeing is just amazing! Take care, see you soon x

Melinda said...

Magical. Looks freezing! Hope you're keeping warm in your lovely coats. Enjoy the rest of Germany! xo