from russia, with love

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

we have finally made it to St Petersburg! Russia is unlike anything we have seen before. Snow everywhere, fur everywhere and beautiful buildings everywhere!

This will probably be my last blog post 'abroad'! It has been an amazing ten weeks, and thank you very much to everyone who has followed along and left a comment. It makes Nicole and I so happy to read your thoughts!

Here is just a little taste of Russia - I will have many more phototographs to show when i return home!

Europe 1 083

Europe 1 088

Europe 1 087

Europe 1 086

Europe 1 085

Europe 1 084


Melinda said...

What a winter wonderland! Enjoy yourselves. Cant wait to see you again in sunny WA x

Jo vdJ said...

hi there:)
every now and then i went to look at your amazing photo's. Looks like you both did and saw alot!!! Amazing hey God's creation! Thanks for sharing them and all the best getting back into it when you get home!
Love jo

Chantelle said...

... and thanks for sharing your travels with us - Russia looks pretty amazing - very cold but glad you are staying warm. Safe travels and see you soon xx

Diane said...

To the girls in boots, enjoy the last few days,marvel at the snow because you will not be seeing that back home. Looking forward to hugs and stories. Wishing travelling mercies, love and kisses.

Chris said...

Such opulence! St Petersburg looks really cool. You're probably sick and tired of the cold weather and the snow but I'd enjoy it while you still can. I've had to re-acclimatise to the Perth heat after New Zealand!

Looking forward to seeing you both very, very soon. Enjoy your final days away and travelling mercies for your flight back home.

love Chris

Kara said...

I've really enjoyed following your journey for 10 weeks - what an incredible experience. I hope it is leaving you full of joy and satisfaction! :) Beautiful pictures!

HH said...

Hi Aimee,
Looks like your trip is winding to a close. I've really enjoyed seeing all your pictures and where you've been as well. You look great in your scarves/beanies/boots etc. Makes our heat a little more bearable looking at the lovely snow pictures. have a safe trip home and I'm sure there are plenty more stories to come.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

yesh hallo,

And yes I have been stalking you as well, thanks for asking.
Awesome photos!
I am looking forward in the near distant future to see you.

Take care,
(just kidding, its actually Jayden [not Garnier])

Carolyn said...

Hi Girls, looking forward to seeing you both again. Safe travels, God bless