in between

Saturday, December 25, 2010

in between all the walking and talking and eating and seeing and eating and photo taking, nicole and i do occasionally take a pew in a cute cafe, drink something warm and write in our journals. nicole's journal is from the portobello markets in notting hill, while mine is from spain, a gift from my dear friend melinda.

another one of those things that i have to remember is to take out my holga! i've gone through a roll and a half of film, and i cannot wait to see what my plastic light box comes out with :)

my awesome travel partner likes to paint light with her pencils. while i am off on photographic adventures, i often find nicole sitting down somewhere, drawing the scene before her. i am always amazed at her drawings, because they are from perspectives that i have not considered. i love the fact that we can both look at the same thing and see it with totally different eyes.

ps. happy christmas! thank you to all for the wonderful wishes - we will be in florence for christmas!

Europe 1 028

Europe 1 027

Europe 1 026


Anonymous said...

You, Aimee, are much to flippin' kind. Disclaimer, everyone, my scribbles are hardly as Aimee describes.

Thanyou for being such a wonderful friend & crazy travel comrade. The last 5 weeks have been incredible. Hands down best Christmas ever :-)

Love Nicole.

Anonymous said...

Half way there already. Photos look wonderful girls. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am looking forward to seeing what you discover in the next half of your travels.
Love Lana