lemon meringue pie

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


oh my, lemon meringue pie!  i spent my afternoon making this little beauty.  my first attempt at shortcrust pastry, and it actually went quite well.  sure, my little pie isn’t as robust as the one in the picture (cue not being vigorous enough with egg white beating), but it does taste pretty fine!  tangy and sweet and crunchy, all at the same time. who wants a piece? 


DSC_0054lemon meringue pie

DSC_0058lemon meringue pie

DSC_0089lemon meringue pie

DSC_0074lemon meringue pieDSC_0084lemon meringue pie 

DSC_0087lemon meringue pieDSC_0096lemon meringue pie


katie lauren said...

delicious! - the photo with the cutlery tops it - it looks like you are going to eat the whole thing!

and flowers pick themselves said...

yes, please! looks divine!

xo Alison

Melinda said...

My mouth waters just imagining how delicious it would be!

Anonymous said...

Yum..looks like it turned out great! Tis one of Craigs favourites! (he'll prob ask you where his bit was) :)