Monday, May 10, 2010

it's the start of a new week, i've reached over ten thousand views, it was mother's day yesterday and lately i've been overwhelmed by all the lovely support you have shown for my little creative pursuits!

to say 'thanks' i'm having a little giveaway. to enter, leave a comment telling me what you would like me to take a photograph of. it can be silly, serious, outrageous, anything!

the prize includes three 5x7 prints, 10 mini prints and a set of ten mini pegs with bakers twine.

the competition is open to all countries and the winner will be drawn on the 17 may, UTC+8 (Perth time).

all the best! i look forward to reading your answers!

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Chantelle said...

Oooh, wow..... all these special fun things happening - congrats.
Well, can you take a pic of me.... that's funny. Hope to see you this week. xx

katia said...

i love cow so i think a picture of a cow would be awsome! like a cow licking its lips haha. i am a strange person though :D

Anonymous said...

hey aimee - i love your photos, the ones where the light is shining through things are my fav. maybe try take one of a feather floating down with the sunlight shining through :)

carmen .r

Amaranta said...

I love pictures of toys, because well I am 27 and technically not allow to play with them, so pictures is the next best thing!
thanks !
I will blog about your giveaway!

escuishi (at)

Digital Misfit said...

Gorgeous prints! Your photography is so beautiful.
For a quirky twist I think you should photograph a half-crumpled up grocery list that has been forgotten in a shopping cart.
So often I find them in my cart, and I wonder if the shopper remembered to buy the steel wool pads or the brussels sprouts.


Me said...
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Eli said...

Congratulations on your blog views! And wow, i absolutely love your photographs...the little mini prints are so cute. I especially like the camera one.

You could take a picture of carnival rides (ferris wheels, merry go rounds)...but the problem is waiting for a carnival to come to your town.

thanks for the chance.

eli. x.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, would love to win this prize! I would love you to take a photo of our 3 kiddies in the forrest - as adam calls it - on our block! Was trying hard to think of something really original for you to photograph but kept coming back to this, so there you go, have fun with all the differnt ideas! Renae

Mandy said...

I've thought about this for a bit and I'd love to see photos of you and tim. You take them (of course), timer, arm out, whatever. You are the cutest couple and there are no photos of you two. That is my request. xxx

katie lauren said...

Aimee! Another giveaway at last :) I love icecream so if you could take a photo of people loving and eating their icecream in cones that would be wondrous..hope i win! x

Melinda said...

Aimee! I would LOVE you to take pictures of PEOPLE when you go on your trip overseas. I think portraits can be very powerful and really give us a window into the way different people live. It would be amazing!
Mel xo

chell1979 said...

Hi Aimee
I just wanted to say you deserve all the support you get - you are so talented. 10,000 views is just amazing and shows you are reaching people you don’t even know with your clever artistic works, how great is that!
My picture suggestion would be... your mum! She is such a gorgeous gal and I'd love to see a shot by you that captures her beauty and her spirit in a way we might not expect! Luv me xx

Amy said...

congrats! and it would be so fun to win:) I think you should take a picture of anything with water... a gentle bubbling brook, a waterfall... I just think water can be one of His most beautiful parts of creation:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee! I'm from SA and I love your work! I've always wanted to just sit on a train or at an airport or something and talk to people about how their lives have turned out – about their dreams, happiness and sadness, etc. I'm a little shy, but maybe you could depict their stories with just pictures? Good luck with the future! Ilze

Anonymous said...

This is uh-mazing!
I think you should do some photos with soap bubbles! Everyone loves soap bubbles (:

Emma T said...

Nice work on the 10,000 views Aimee! I love photos of elderly people because they're always so honest! So that's my suggestion :)
Emma T

Chris said...

Hey Aimee. Congrats on the popularity of the blog! I've certainly racked up a few hundred of those views. So heed my advice! I think Emma's photo suggestion is the best. I think she should win! Just my two cents.

liseycupcakes said...

you know its so cool to see my cupcakes as one of your famous photos :) awesome shots aimee!