at the market

Monday, May 3, 2010

a BIG thank you to everyone who popped by my photography stall at the southern river markets! it was a wonderful day, with so much produce and crafts from some very talented people! i appreciated all your friendly hello's and purchases - each sale went towards raising money for amos aid! i encourage you to check out the wonderful work that they do.

mini prints

twine spools

mini prints hanging

mini pegs

photographs on display


Anonymous said...

fabulous photos. love the clothespins.

xo Alison

Justin said...

amiee, what are you shooting with? the one of the poker chips or w/e is crazy. I'm a friend of greg's in canada... also a photographer
just have some crazy bokeh going on in some shots :)

Justin said...

haha. the spools of yarn. not poker chips. they do look like poker chips at first glance :P

aimee said...

hi justin :)

yep, they are spools :) i'm using a 50mm in these shots :)