Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i'm very proud to announce the opening of i.am.me - a collaborative project between myself and my cousin emma. we've spent the last couple weeks designing, making and packaging these cute little button earrings, bobby pins and magnets - with more products on the way!




they are available for purchase from our etsy store: http://www.iamme1.etsy.com/
you can also contact us via our facebook fan page
or visit us at the southern river markets, may 1st
we'd love it if you popped by!!


honey trees said...

very sweet idea! x x

Chantelle said...

So cute Aimee and Emma - hope it goes well. x

Chris said...

Right, I'm getting my ears pierced!

katie lauren said...

wow aimee they're just beautiful! i want them all :)