Wednesday, March 10, 2010

with his curly hair and cheeky smile, dylan (aka bob) is a real cutie :)


ps. poppytalk (which if you haven't heard of is a wonderful online marketplace for creative types to show their wares) is holding spring colours week. my picture made it on the blog! its the little horse on the hill. exciting! click the link below to view.


katie lauren said...

this is a BEAUTIFUL photo of dylan! I can't believe how long his hair is. he looks like a real dude :) don't let renae cut it :)
and congratulations on the poppytalk post x

amymom24 said...

Beautiful, Aimee and congrats on the blog feature;) How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Katie - he had actually just had a haircut, it was heaps longer but was getting out of control! :)

Chris said...

He is a cutie! Still, I think I'm probably cuter.

Chantelle said...

Super cute!!