Thursday, February 11, 2010

nothing beats picking fresh vegetables from your own garden. straight from the soil to the table, (okay with washing in between) that's the way it should always be :)




do you have a veggie garden? what do you like to grow?


Mandy said...

well. I can't really compete at all, but I'm growing a pumpkin plant. trying actually. growing makes it sound like its big or something.

oh my basil is going good though.
basil, boconccini and tomato. Mmmmmmmmmm...

Chantelle said...

Mmmm just LOVE all that gorgeous green - or is it green galore!
As of about two weeks ago, we now have a vege patch - we are proudly growing: cucumbers, parsley, corn, zuchini, capsicums, tomatos, silverbeet and lettuce.

katie lauren said...

beautiful aimee, just look at all that green! :) very unlike you heehee x