Wednesday, December 9, 2009

bridgenorth is the cute and country like place where i stayed. whilst in tasmania. jules let me borrow his canon film slr (yay more film!) so i could let loose on the paddocks, cows, grass, fences, horses and abundance of other green things.

i love this little place :)

fence and weeds

the white horse

cow and field

the vegie patch

follow me to the top of the hill

chair and cows

plant pot and letterbox


amymom24 said...

*love* these!!!

Chantelle said...

Looks like a lovely spot - aren't they lucky to live like that. Makes me want to fly over and see it for myself.

katie lauren said...

hey aimee - these turned out great! jules will love them :)
love how the letter box looks + am very excited that our bok choy has featured. it does look like a beautiful place in film!

Kara said...

welcome back aimee! These photos are so lovely! Love the film on these. First three pics are my favorite. Well done! Look forward to seeing more! :)

christine said...

wow aimee! i just love your photography! the dandelion ones are just beautiful - weeds look pretty special on film!