way beyond the border

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i really should get in the water myself, but whenever tim takes me on his surfing expeditions, i tend to get distracted by everything around me and start taking pictures. the video below is a collection of moving images (yes, moving!) that depict our little travels. (incidently, there is never any good surf when i come along, so perhaps i'm a bad omen).

hope you enjoy :)

ps. the song is "love in the harbour" by the bees


Anonymous said...

Not many shots of the surf. looks great aimee

amymom24 said...

What a great video! You are so creative, Aimee!

katie lauren said...

go aimee!
it could be an ad for something...surfboards maybe.

Nicole (The Really Nice Girl) said...

Sweet film. We live in a beautiful part of the world. I like the footage of Tim when the lighting flickers dark and light - feels old school.

Mandy said...

fantastic aimee!
really loved it.

Chantelle said...

Hey, very cool Aimee. Great work - love the seagull who is singing along.
Kyle surfed in Bali, he wants a board now and then he will be asking Tim for lessons. hehe xx