southside travellers: part two

Monday, August 17, 2009

this is the second series of pictures from my travels down south (at least a month ago now, time flies!). i LOVE cherry blossom trees...they are so pretty. i'm glad i got to photograph some, i was getting jealous of everyone else's lovely pictures of them! we danced around in the trees for a while before we went to the beach for a windy stroll. fresh air in the face and the mist from the crashing waves as we raced along the sand made for a very enjoyable afternoon. the southwest coast would have to be one of my favourite places to be!


Chantelle said...

These are just exceptionally fabulous. Love them - the blossom one is very pretty. Love the last one - very natural and carefree - great capture! (i love that word)

Kelly said...

Fantastic photo's Aimee. Love love love the photos of the blossom tree. :)

Chris said...

As a professional photographer with years of experience in the field I can say authoritatively that these are very nice indeed. I especially like the tree pictures. Nice!