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Thursday, July 9, 2009

this past week i have been a busy little squirrel! i found this gorgeous little site that showed me how to make a little to-do note folder. it was lots of fun to make and i love how it fits neatly into the back of my 'everything-and-anything' notebook. best thing of all, when you cut out the template you can decorate it any way you wish. i've covered it in brown paper and stamped a torn piece of white cardstock with this stamp. real cute :)

stationary 001

inside cover



Chantelle said...

mmmm you crafty gal. I like this alot and it does look fun to make. Thanks for the link - I should give it a go.

amymom24 said...

Beautiful, Aimee!

jen said...

Wow you have the creative touch as well, i like it alot!

haley said...

hey, awesome!!

that looks totally great, really glad the tutorial was of use to you! (and that you could follow it, ha)