Sunday, June 14, 2009

after two weeks of studying and exams its nice to sit back and do something creative! on saturday afternoon i set up a table outside in the sunshine and made a few cards. (someone might be getting one of these in a few days time hehe).

cards on display

the first card i made i used some material that i found at an op shop a little while ago - if you like using material for cards, second hand shops are gold mines for cheap fabric that is "vintage" or has cool patterns. i think this particular piece was an old sheet or a pillow case. it was probably about 50 cents! i also dug out my tube of buttons that i got for $1, also from the op shop - i found three buttons that matched the material perfectly! i stamped up a piece of card and wrapped some twine around it, putting little knots every now and then. usually i would sew the buttons onto the fabric but i couldn't be bothered this time so i just stuck them with double sided tape - hopefully they stay on!

twine and buttons card

for the second card i needed a little more inspiration. i had to look no further than the scarf that i was wearing around my neck! i tipped out all of my buttons on the table (half of them fell through the cracks and on the pavement..silly me) and tried to match the buttons to the colours on the scarf. i wrapped some twine around the card, in a similar way to the first card, and attached the buttons randomly along the twine. i love the way this card complements the colours on the scarf!

scarf card

hope you have enjoyed my creative efforts! amazing what a little bit of twine, a few stamps and some material and buttons can achieve!


amymom24 said...

Beautiful work, Aimee!

Chantelle said...

I really really love this post. Both cards are gorgeous, but I love the second one the best. Great job with the twine. And you've photographed them just perfectly - maybe you can come and take pictures of my cards. xx
(ps. wish I could have been there in the sunshine to stamp with you)