i remember...

Monday, March 9, 2009

...when this photo was taken. i think i was in grade nine, and taking pictures for a school project as part of my photography class. i remember chasing the twins around the house trying to get a photo of them, something they weren't that keen on doing [has anything changed? :)] i managed to snap this while he was hiding behind a plant pot - i love the cheeky little grin on his face!

we used old film cameras that we had to set manually and could only shoot in black and white. we then developed the films in all kinds of smelly chemicals in a pitch black darkroom. then it was into the enlarger, exposing photo paper to light. Dripping with (more) chemicals, we held our breath - "did i expose it enough? too much? is it in focus?" it was largely trial and error, but so rewarding to produce a photograph in which you had been a part of the entire process.

i guess the love for film and photos grew into a bigger love :) i wish i could go back and do it all again!! until the dream of having my own darkroom and lab turns into reality, it is nice to look back at the memories :)

tell me, did you ever use film and produce photos in a darkroom? what do you remember about those days?

one of the twins


Nicole (The Really Nice Girl) said...

I remember the potent smell of chemicals! And the way my eyes stung after venturing out of the dark room when the bell made its sound. I also remember taking a pretty sweet shot of our jetty back at home with the sweet cameras we had. I overexposed one and the other one is underexposed and they look like they're a stillframe from a freakout film. I shall show you one day! Cute picture Aimee :) And for the call to relive!

Chris said...

What a cutie! I once shot a photo with a camera. On this thing called a "digital camera". Does that count? You can see that you've progressed Aimee. Maybe one day, someday, somehow, you will even be better than me at photography.

Chantelle said...

Hey, I remember those pictures. Do you know which twin it is?? hehe.
Good to go back and remember where it all started. Then you can also see how much you've learnt over time. I think you've got your own style and that will stay with you. Great work. x

Katie said...

yes i clearly remember the chemicals. they hurt my brain so bad - every monday after photography i had a headache! i'm glad we don't have to develop our photos like that anymore!