Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just the other day i went for a bike ride! I stole an idea from Liz and named the bike "Marie" [mah-ree]. It used to be my mum's, but you could say i've adopted it as of late. It's a pearler :)

This shot was taken using a 35mm film camera!

ps. you can clicker your way to flickr (where you'll find some more filmic goodness) if you hit the photograph (with your mouse, not your fist!)

marie and grass


Chantelle said...

Awesome pic!!
When I go walking to the beach, I always pass this old house with a wire fence along the front of it; and I always say, I should take my camera with me to take a picture!! I reakong I should now. Your picture is great. See you soon x

Chris said...

That is a really cool picture, Aimee. Maree is quite the bike, too! I absolutely love those old-style bikes.

wrecklessgirl said...

i LOOOOOVE this.

Liz said...

just lovely....
if marie & claire ever meet, they might just have the best time ever riding around with the sun breathing down and the wind blowing.