caden is

Friday, February 27, 2009

six months already! to celebrate we put him in a wheelbarrow and a plantpot and took photos :) nice hey?

caden smilingcaden in wheelbarrow 2 caden in wheelbarrow
caden + flowerpot

ps. these photos and others were taken using a olympus om707 35mm film slr with a 50mm prime. in other words, not digital :)


Chantelle Huizenga said...

He is cute and he's all mine!! Love your pictures, especially the last one - that would make a very nice canvas!!

Nicole (The Really Nice Girl) said...

The last one is beautiful. You've a cute nephew. "How do you feel about male models?" quote unquote Zoolander. Funny film - you should watch it! Look at the way Caden's feet are squished inside the flowerpot! Composition is the best on the last one :)

amymom24 said...

Gorgeous, Aimee! Between you and Chantelle, this little boy's baby book is going to brimming with beautiful shots!