Port Gregory 2008

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

two weeks away feels like the whole world could've changed but i'm home now, and things still look the same..i think i'll leave it to tomorrow to unpack try to forget for one more night that i'm back...i've still got sand in my shoes.... :)
14 nights, 12 driving hours, over 150 litres of petrol, four little babies, roughly 15 squid, about 50 dollars worth of chips, 20 knots of wind and over one thousand photographs!
i had such a good holiday! below is a snapshot of what went on, please click the link below to see a gallery of photos. if you would like any of these for your own, please let me know! Enjoy!


Chantelle said...

You certainly know how to capture a perfect picture - they are all AWESOME. Some would make great wall art!!! I love that last one of Liam - that's just him. It was a great holiday and lots of good memories were made. See you soon again xo

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Aimee, you sure are a natural at photography! Alot of your photos would look great on canvas i reakon! Catcha, Renae x


those pictures are awesome that's for sure.
Can see that clicking away on that new camera gives so much pleasure.
You are so lucky with all those babies on a holiday, if you love 'em like i do.
Well looks like you all had a great time and now putting those holidays behind you with great memories, i wish you all the best for the New Year in 2009! TFS

Liz said...

those first three pictures are BEAUTIFUL. i love them.